One of our most stunning pieces in our collection. This silk organza jacket can be worn like a blouse, paired with a tank top, over a dress or like a blazer. The silk organza is stiff at first but becomes soft and crinkly as it is worn and washed. The belt cinches in the front and in the back lies between two layers of silk so that the outside layer floats out over the belted inside layer. It comes in a sumptuous swirled grey and crisp creamy white. It is also available in a stone washed wild silk version, which has a lovely crumply texture. It can worn as a decadent beach cover up. The stone washed version runs smaller, so order one or two sizes up. (shown in grey)


Fits true to size in the swirled grey and ivory version.

Buy two sizes larger in the stone washed version.

Made In America

Fabric Imported from Italy and India


100% Silk

Professional (green: liquid silicone) dry cleaning recommended.