“Wear In Good Health”

This spoke to us on many levels. As a fashion line, there is the obvious connection to what is worn. But more importantly it expresses our commitment to our wearer. We believe in designing for comfort with style. We obsess over details that make this possible. We aim to defy norms on what is to be expected of our clothing. We want to change what qualities are valued in clothing. We hope to educate the consumer on what it takes to make clothing, and believe it possesses some memory of its makers and handlers. We know that what we choose to wear has an impalpable but reverberating effect on places and people. But clothing is and always will be a consumable. And short of wearing nothing, no one can claim to avoid its negative impact entirely. Knowing this, our garments are made with fabric sourced from the best mills in the industry and we test and use only the highest quality components. From snaps, trims and even thread, we compare and select the best performing and longest lasting. In manufacturing, we promote quality by investing and working in partnership with our production team. We invest in equipment rarely seen these days in American production. Our makers are highly skilled and continually trained. Our garments are challenging to make. We know that monotony stifles the human spirit, and there is too much of it in the world of fast disposable fashion.

And beauty is essential. It makes for the wondrous, the sensual and joyful. To “Wear In Good Health” for us is to make beautifully crafted, uniquely body refining garments that allow the body to breathe, to move freely, and to look and feel its best.